Rebecca Feigin
About Me
I help new coaches and service providers build authority while being authentic so they can attract dream clients and sign them.

My dream client is an ambitious womxn entrepreneur in her first year of business who is ready to challenge herself to reach her goals. She’s open to being coached and is ready to expand her horizons beyond what she currently knows.

Service I’m Most Known For
1:1 Coaching

Other Services Provided

1:1 coaching, group coaching programs, intensives, masterclasses, passive course on confidence

Softwares and Programs

Proficient in Kajabi, ClickUp, Trello, Asana, Mailchimp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. I’m honestly a jack of all trades

Business Information
Becky Feigin Coaching
Rockville, MD
Top 3 Values
Ethics, Authenticity, Honesty
Get to know me
My Style
I'm claiming casual chic (I'm in sweats and a t-shirt most days, but I also know how to dress up when necessary)

Favorite Beverage
Iced Coffee with Oat Milk and whatever flavor syrup I have at home (: Also tea obsessed

3 Things I Love
New York City, The beach, Brunch

Random Fact About Me
I rode horses my entire childhood and even competed in horse shows in high school.
Additional Information
Professional Background

2013-2016, Social Media Representative at Seventeen Magazine; 2013-2017, Journalism major & Business minor at UK; 2014-2018 blogger and influencer; 2016, Journalism and Marketing intern at Time Out Sydney; 2016-2017, Editor in Chief of Spoon University at UK; 2016-2017, Features Editor at Kentucky Kernel Newspaper; 2017, Journalism and Marketing intern at ACE Weekly; 2018, Social Media Marketing Intern (ran social media) at Castle & Key Distillery; 2018, Freelance Social Media Manager; 2018, Content Strategist at Full-Time Travel; 2018-present Owner of BHF Digital Media providing business coaching services to entrepreneurs; 2019-2021, Account Manager for Blogist

Educational Background
Bachelor's in Journalism, University of Kentucky, 2017

Professional Certifications
Currently getting NLP certified through Yessupply Confidence Certification through Udemy course
Available for speaking engagements
Available for podcast interviews

Client Testimonials
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Lindsay Yeager

I started working with Becky a few months into my business. I had just launched one low ticket group program on my own and made about 2K. I was proud, but I knew it would never be sustainable. Once I started working with Becky, I made 8K in 8 weeks .. I couldn’t believe it! That was the first time in my life that I felt abundant! Within those 8 weeks I launched my first high ticket 1:1 program and got 3 people enrolled as well as another low ticket group program (that still cost double my first program that I launched on my own), and got 9 people enrolled. Becky helped me overcome the limiting beliefs that no one would pay that much, and she was right, because people paid! Now I’m in Becky’s mastermind, and I just had my first ever 5 figure launch of my new signature group program that I feel completely aligned with! Before working with Becky I used to say that “I’m starting my own business,” and now I confidently say that “I have my own business.”

Megan Smith

When I worked with Becky as a business coach, I saw amazing, fast results. In the course of three months I went from having one client for $75 to making $2000 in one month. Since then, Ive grown consistent income in my business and have a steady stream of clients every month. Most importantly, I’ve become super clear and confident in my packages and services, and how to launch them. That’s the key for me, is knowing the process to create and sell things so that I can just repeat it over and over. Becky helped me build the framework that is the foundation of my whole business.

Kristy Nystrom

I began working with Becky after purchasing many “programs” designed to help you launch a business. Her personalized coaching, understanding of my unique gifts, abilities, and willingness to challenge me helped me achieve in 2 months what I had been trying to accomplish for a year. Within our first 8 weeks I soft launched a program that earned 3k and within the 12 weeks of her program, I had earned 7.5k. I truly valued having a coach who didn’t just give me a framework but instead gave me that one on one support to actually start and run a profitable business.

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