Megan Bayen
About Me
I help coaches become the go-to choice & leaders in their industry by identifying & effectively marketing what makes them unique.

My dream client is an online coach ready to stand out on social media by fully being themselves.

Service I’m Most Known For
Business Coaching

Other Services Provided

Private 1:1 Business Coaching; Unique Coaching Method Mastermind; Client Attraction Academy; Launch Like A LadyBoss; Unique Coaching Method Course + Membership

Softwares and Programs

Familiar with Dubsado, Kajabi, ClickUp, and Asana but wouldn’t say I’m proficient!

Business Information
Megan Yelaney LLC
Las Vegas, NV
Top 3 Values
Fun and Adventure; Inclusivity; Connection
Get to know me
My Style
Energetic, feminine, caring, authentic.

Favorite Beverage
latte with a delicious milk mixture, and a little sweetness added and of course whipped cream on top!

3 Things I Love
SINGING!! I am a theatre nerd, and performing and singing is my first love and passion! I also love karaoke 🙂 I love traveling and was a nomad for about a year! I love foood. I'm a foodie at heart and love tasting the different cuisines wherever I am. I

Random Fact About Me
I'm actually an introvert!
Additional Information
Professional Background

2005-2009: Went to San Diego State University and graduated as the Outstanding Graduate in the College of Business; Major in Integrated Marketing and Communications; 2009-2012: Los Angeles based actor, cocktail waitress, and background performer; 2012-2017: Built my six figure network marketing business with Beachbody; 2017-2018: Built my health + wellness coaching business outside of network marketing; 2018-Present: Life and Business Coaching business helping online coaches stand out on social media by identifying and effectively marketing what makes them unique. Launch and client attraction expert.

Educational Background
Bachelor's in Integrated Marketing and Communications, San Diego State University, 2009

Professional Certifications
In the process of becoming a certified Co-Active Coach through Co-Active Coach Training Institute. Will graduate in the Fall.
Available for speaking engagements
Available for podcast interviews

Client Testimonials
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Kayla Ybanez

Working with Meg for over a year completely changed not only my business but my life. Before working with Meg I had an idea and a dream with no clear plan to accomplish any of it. Through working with her I was able to figure out how to use my talents and skills to serve People I was so excited to help all while going through one of the hardest chapters of my life, Helping my daughter through a bone marrow transplant. I’ve since launched 2 successful businesses and have brought in 1 million of revenue in 2 years. I wouldn’t be here with what I have if it wasn’t for Megs coaching ❤️

Eve Guzman

After investing in Megan‘s high-level mastermind, I made my full 6 month investment back in seven business days. I then went on to have a single launch out of 4 that made $172,000 in sales. Megan Is not just a business coach. This has felt like a partnership with her fully invested in the outcome of every launch as if it were her own. One of the best decisions I made in 2020 was to work with her.

Isabella Sanchez

Meg’s Mastermind is the best investment I’ve made in my business. It not only gave me my dream business, but lifelong friendships that have carried me through my entrepreneurial journey. It gave me everything I needed and more. It took me from $5K months to hitting six figures and multiple six figures and my first $40K CASH month. But what matters is the HOW it took me there. I went into the program being crystal clear that I didn’t want to hustle 24/7 to deserve what I wanted. I wanted systems and a business that allowed me to work as much as I wanted and still see incredible results and that’s exactly what happened. No sleepless nights, not having to prove anything to anyone, just a business that FEELS good to me and of course, is massively profitable and impactful. I also knew I didn’t just want to copy my mentor and have cookie cutter strategies or a “my way is the only way” approach and this mastermind helped me scale my business in a way that’s authentic to who I am and what I want for my life. Meg helped me discover what my unique method is and get clear on what makes me powerful and my business skyrocketed. She is the most caring, fun human to be around and a true leader. She embodies everything she preaches. If she’s your coach, you WILL grow, period. She walks the walk and never asks you to do something she hasn’t done herself. If you’re thinking about the Mastermind, do it. I almost backed out and if I had, I know that I wouldn’t have the half-million dollar business that I have now that allowed me to move to Copenhagen, support my husband while he follows his dreams of going back to school as I keep scaling my empire. This all started in Megs Mastermind. Love, Isabella

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