Jessica Joswick
About Me
I help brave online entrepreneurs master their minds so they can build calm, scalable, and profitable businesses.

My dream client is an ambitious service provider who doesn’t want to choose between having a life and making a profit and wants to be challenged (lovingly!) to get to the next level.

Service I’m Most Known For
Business Coaching

Other Services Provided

Founders Circle Business Coaching Program; The Persist for Profit Society Coaching Membership; VIP Strategy Days

Business Information
Backbone Creative Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
Top 3 Values
We can run a business and have a calm, joyous life too. We can be a force for good by empowering communities and rebuilding our planet. We can redefine what leadership looks and acts like, who has power, and who makes the big decisions.
Get to know me
My Style
Slightly goth librarian meets classic rock-loving museum curator

Favorite Beverage
Arnold Palmer! I hate golf, but damn if this drink isn't refreshing.

3 Things I Love
Dancing—I do jazz, contemporary, and hip hop. Northern Michigan in the summer and fall. SO beautiful. Cher. I mean, how could you NOT love her?

Random Fact About Me
I played 4 instruments growing up: clarinet, violin, viola, and guitar.
Additional Information
Professional Background

2011-2014, Marketing and Graphic Design Day Job; 2014-2017, Graphic Designer; 2018-2019, Business Coach; 2019-present, Business Coach and Founder of Backbone Business

Educational Background
Bachelors in Comparative Literature, Georgetown, 2009

Professional Certifications
Certified Business Coach with Creative Successful Entrepreneurs
Available for speaking engagements
Available for podcast interviews

Client Testimonials
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Kara Murphy

This program helped me take myself seriously as a business owner and to develop strong habits to actually start getting results. Jess always challenged me to let go of the many limiting beliefs I had around business and making money so that I could start charging my worth. As a result, I went from 0 clients to 5 beta clients and from $0 per package to $1,000 per package!

Jamika Martin

The best part about working with Jess is her intention. She’s 100% committed to moving your business forward and creating BIG meaningful changes in your day-to-day and your company at large.

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