Jascha Mascardo
About Me
I help exhausted CEOs organize and automate their business so that they can scale without the mental clutter using ClickUp.

My dream client is a CEO who serves others through group coaching programs and values self-care, loves to save time, and strives to live her life outside of business. She has a solid signature framework and has proven strategies to help her ideal clients. My dream client is a go-getter in making quick and strategic moves in her business. She enjoys long walks at Target, filling up her cart with home decor, and re-watching Dream Home Makeover.

Service I’m Most Known For
Online Business Management

Other Services Provided

OBM Support 3-Month VIP Packages; ClickUp VIP Days, CEO Strategy Sessions

Softwares and Programs

Proficient in ClickUp, HoneyBook, Kartra

Business Information
Jascha Mikka
Boston, MA
Top 3 Values
Integrity, respect, efficiency
Get to know me
My Style
Casual, friendly, simple, laid-back

Favorite Beverage
Water, pink coconut water, green tea, lime Bubly, and iced decaf Nespresso shot

3 Things I Love
I love living life with my boyfriend even if it's cooking a new dish or watching a Marvel movie. I love watching beauty and lifestyle videos on YouTube. I love relaxing by the beach listening to reggae music.

Random Fact About Me
I won a singing competition at a mall when I was 7 years old.
Additional Information
Professional Background

Present-2019 Online Business Management
2019-2016 Website Content Manager
2016-2011 Insurance Agent & Registered Rep

Professional Certifications
Frictionless Sales, Email Marketing
Available for speaking engagements
Available for podcast interviews

Client Testimonials
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Alix Turoff

I started working with Jascha in April 2020 and it has been such a gift to have her as part of my team. Jascha is incredibly organized and on top of things but she’s also very proactive. She regularly presents new ideas to me and helps me strategize creative ways to grow my business and enhance my clients’ experience. She has a vast array of expertise in everything from graphic creation to tech setup (emails, landing pages, opt-ins, etc) to client management. Jascha is a true team player and I would be lost without her help. I’m so grateful for all she has done to help support the growth of my business!

Sabatini Ferdinand

Simply put I don’t know how I was functioning without Jascha as my second brain and righthand. She always sees beyond me and suggests things that will make my business run smoothly and more cost effective(we business owners love this!). She’s helped me transition right before one my biggest launches to date and complete saved me from panic. She’s completely took over and helped clean up my client management process and has already outline the things I need in place to scale my business. My favorite thing of them all is, she’s genuinely excited for what’s happening in my business and that is worth more than anything. I know she puts her all in because she genuinely wants to and has the knowledge to support that.

Molly Ho

What I found most valuable when I worked with Jascha was our weekly/bi-monthly Zoom calls — and being able to share my ideas or get help with x, y, and z. It was super helpful with just clearing my mental space and also being able to brainstorm with someone else. Before working with Jascha, I was doing everything in my launches (and my business) overall by myself and it was a lot to handle at times and often overwhelming and a bit exhausting. What I loved about working with Jascha was that I had someone to bounce ideas with, collaborate with, and help me take things off my plate. Also, if we’re being honest, it was super nice being able to not have to do the customer service side of things.

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