Jane Rodriguez
About Me
I help developing entrepreneurs make their businesses as efficient as possible by implementing systems and processes all while remaining consistent with their own brand. I help individuals start their own online business management or virtual assistant business through coaching, support, and trainings.

My dream client is a new or young entrepreneur who is looking to set a solid foundation for their business. My dream client is someone who is motivated to start their own business and gain financial independence.

Service I’m Most Known For
Online business management

Other Services Provided

Online business management; branding support; graphic design; system set-up; social media coaching; business coaching

Softwares and Programs

Kajabi, Squarespace, Adobe Acrobat, ClickUp, Dubsado, Asana, Acuity Scheduling, Google Suite, HelloSign, Quickbooks, Stripe, PayPal, Mailchimp, Canva, Trello, Slack, Hootsuite, Buffer, Zoom, Typeform, Zapier, Clockify, & Voxer

Business Information
The Thriving OBM
Orlando, FL
Top 3 Values
Love, empathy, and transparency
Get to know me
My Style
Feminine, optimistic, go-with-the-flow, and energetic

Favorite Beverage
Strawberry Lemonade

3 Things I Love
Desserts, Yummy food, my dog Charlie, Reading, Traveling, Watching TV, Lin Manuel Miranda, Taylor Swift, Sophia Bush, Orlando, Portland, & Los Angeles

Random Fact About Me
People might know this, but I try to read 100 books a year.
Additional Information
Professional Background

2015 Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management at Florida International University
2018 Masters in Higher Education at Florida State University
2018-2020 Student Engagement Coordinator at California State University, San Bernardino
2019-Present CEO of The Thriving CEO

Other Management Experience:
Office Manager for Florida Sun T-Shirts
Supervisor with Aramark

Educational Background
2015 Bachelor's in Hospitality Management at Florida International University; 2018 Masters in Higher Education at Florida State University

Professional Certifications
Life Coaching
Available for speaking engagements
Available for podcast interviews

Client Testimonials
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Christie Robsham

Jane is SO much more than an OBM. After each call with Jane, I felt so much clarity around the future of my business. She inspired me to want to reach outside of my comfort zone and consider where I want my business to be in a month, a year, even 5 years from now. She empowered me to trust my worth and inspired me to believe in myself wholeheartedly. She is undoubtedly the most inspiring person I have worked within this capacity before. Jane is an expert in the digital world. She made every step of this process as easy as possible. I was once intimidated by Dubsado, Acuity, and Asana, but after hiring Jane, I cannot imagine running my business without them. She answered every question I had without hesitation and in great detail. She is literally the best of the best. I will be recommending her services to everyone that needs to get their shit together, forever!!! After working with Jane, I am more efficient, confident, and much more organized than ever before. If you’re looking for a sign to work with her, this is it!

Dar Mayweather

I knew Jane was the one when she sent me back some fillable pdf in less than 20 minutes. She took my workbook to the next level in 20 minutes, so what could she do for my business and brand in one month? I’ll tell you! After 1 week with Jane, I had branded webinar PPT’s, Speakersheets, Bio sheets, Email Signature, Letterheads, and Testimonial + Feedback Forms. She then created a flow chart, email responses, and communications strategies (Standard Operating Procedures) for my webinars, speaking engagements, group coaching, online courses, and one on one coaching program! Jane is a consummate and competent OBM, making an investment in The Thriving CEO is making an investment in yourself. The best part of The Thriving CEO services is the weekly one-hour business strategy sessions. The brainstorming Jane and I do in these sessions are a breath of fresh air, we have lots of fun and get lots of work done. She allows me to be honest and authentic, and she challenges me to think deeper about my work, the value I provide clients, and how I can continue developing products for the future. One specific moment that solidified our partnership was when I had a new idea that was closely related to colleagues. She had an honest moment with me, helped me distinguish where my idea was different, and we began brainstorming how to brand it differently. That moment meant a lot to me cause I did not feel judged and she moved us into a space that was ethical for this new idea. That type of support is worth building on.

Michelle Jalali

My business would not have become more than just an idea without Jane. Her coaching, mentoring, and creativity came together to instill confidence in me as a business owner, but to create tangible outcomes for my own goals.

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